Orthotopic mouse models

Orthotopic tumor models are considered more clinically relevant and better predictive models of drug efficacy than standard subcutaneous models. Due to the fact that tumor cells are implanted directly into the organ of origin, these tumors reflect the original situation (such as e.g. microenvironment) much better than subcutaneous xenograft tumor models. The combination of Luciferase gene transfected cancer cells together with orthotopic implantation of these cells allows non-invasive visualization and quantification of primary tumor growth as well as metastases. Models available at LECR are colorectal (caecal injection) and breast (mammary fat pad), intraperitoneal and intracardiac models.

Reference: Tommelein J. et al., Radiotherapy-activated cancer-associated fibroblasts promote tumor progression through paracrine IGF-1R activation. Cancer Research, in press (I.F. 2016 = 9.122 )