xCELLigence machineThe xCELLigence® Real-Time Cell Analysis (RTCA) DP system (Acea Biosciences) is a live-cell monitoring platform based on label-free impedance measurements. The technology enables the continuous detection and relative quantification, expressed as a Cell Index, of spreading, growing, migrating or invading cells in real time, without interventions of fixing and staining. Post-xCELLigence end-point measurements are possible and allow one to translate the dimensionless Cell Index parameter of the last measured time point into morphometric/colorimetric/fluorescence/luminescence data. The system has three 16-well stations allowing the use of Cell Invasion and Migration (CIM)-plates and E-plates.



Demonstration xCELLigence data of cell growth

demonstration xCELLigence data of chemotactic migration



Reference: Lapeire L. et al., Cancer-associated adipose tissue promotes breast cancer progression by paracrine Oncostatin M and Jak/STAT3 signaling. Cancer Res 74, 6806 - 6819, 2014