Communication in Health Care

The research unit focuses on following topics: quality of communication in the medical encounter, communication and end of life, communication with patients of different cultural background (in Belgium and in Latin America), communication in dentistry, communication in physiotherapy.

Finished Projects:


  • Deveugele M.  Doctor-patient communication in general practice.  An observational study in six European countries.  2003.
  • De Maesschalck Stéphanie. Linguistic and cultural diversity in the consultation room: a tango between physicians and their ethnic minority patients.   2012.

Sub topics and current projects:

Quality of communication:

Communication and end of life:

Communication with patients of different cultural background

  • Non-western immigrants with a life-threatening illness: qualitative and quantitative analysis of care pathways
  • Communication training and assessment for medical doctors in Latin America, is it possible?

Communication and other health disciplines

  • Study on motivational communication for patients in dentistry.
  • Shared decision making in physio-therapy, challenges and possibilities.