Webinar on STED sample preparation

02-12-2022 13:00 to 27-12-2022 14:30
Online teams meeting
Herlinde De Keersmaecker

GLiM and Abberior Instruments sincerely invite you to a webinar on STED sample preparation.

When: 2 December 2022, 13.00 - 14.30h

Where: Online teams meeting  

Meeting ID: 364 884 337 164
Passcode: pkqiaq


Please describe any questions, difficulties or samples before 30/11/2022 here.

These will be taken up in the webinar or can be discussed afterwards with the application specialist of Abberior Instruments


STED nanoscopy allows to circumvent the diffraction barrier and image at resolutions smaller than 50 nm. In general a similar sample preparation can be used as for confocal imaging. However for STED imaging some factors are crucial such as the labels, mounting media and glass coverslip thickness. In addition at these high resolutions, structure preservation will become more visible as for confocal imaging. During this webinar tips and tricks will be given to ensure high quality sample preparation for STED imaging. Send us your sample details or related questions so we can include these as much as possible into the webinar.

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