President's Welcome

Welcome to Ghent University Global Campus in Korea!

As the president of Ghent University in Belgium, I am proud that we will be participating in the Songdo Global University Campus. My excitement is only enhanced as Ghent University is the first European University to become part of the Songdo Global University Campus.

We will be offering bachelor and later master degrees in three fields: Molecular Biotechnology, Food Technology and Environmental Technology. Ghent University has long been a world leader in these fields. You will get a chance to receive a first-rate, truly European education in the region of Asia, despite the distance. You will be instructed and guided by some of the best-known scientists in the world. The curriculum will be rigorous and demanding, but you will get the same highly valued degree as at Ghent University, Belgium.

The quality of education you will receive will be unrivalled. From a university with 200 years of history, you will be provided not only with a strong theoretical background but also with hands- on practical experience. Unlike many institutions focusing only on lectures, Ghent University Global Campus will offer you both theoretical grounding in the material and practical techniques applicable to the real world. You will end up as a specialist, outstanding in your discipline.

The motto of Ghent University is “dare to think.” I want you, as a future student of Ghent University at the Songdo Global University Campus, to learn how to think boldly and act creatively in order to meet the challenges of a fast-changing world.

Students, we are ready to give you the best of the best training for you to become future global leaders. Don't miss this opportunity!

Ghent University Global Campus welcomes you!

Anne De Paepe
Rector Ghent University