Business Menu

The ideal lunch for your seminar or conference.

  • appetizer
  • main course

Price of a 2-course menu: € 29,00.
With house wines and coffee or tea: € 43,50.

The menu will be put together depending on the market supply and the same menu will be served to your entire party. Vegetarian alternatives are possible. These change daily depending on the market supply.

Business Menu


From December 13 to December 21

Pheasant consommé with lukewarm smoked salmon, wild mushrooms and sesame

Open lasagne with veal cheeks with celeriac textures


From December 22 to January 1

Closed for Christmas holidays


From January 3 to January 16

Crispy skin fried pike perch with cauliflower, broccoli and pickles “Tierenteyn”

Quail with kale and syrup of Liège


From January 17 to January 30

Ganda ham with goose foie gras and mango chutney

Baked plaice with pointed cabbage, celeriac, salsify and country bread


From January 31 to February 13

Kibbeling fish with a winter salad and tartare sauce

Tender braised lamb smelt with sweet potato, turnips and goat’s cheese

From February 14 to February 27

Dutch peasoup with smoked sausage and belly bacon

Crispy-skin gilt head bream, mussels and risotto with Old Bruges cheese