Tier1 supercomputer

On October 25th 2012, Ghent University inaugurated the first Tier1 supercomputer of the Flemish Supercomputer Centre (VSC). The supercomputer is part of an initiative by the Flemish government to provide the researchers in Flanders with a very powerful computing infrastructure. The new cluster is ranked 163rd in the worldwide Top500 list of supercomputers (edition November 2012).

Multi-purpose compute capacity

The supercomputer will allow scientists to lift their current research to the next level, and will also make research possible that was previously infeasible in Flanders because of the huge requirements with regard to computing power and data storage capacity.
The system is hosted in the new data centre of Ghent University at campus De Sterre, but can also be used by all institutions that are part of the Flemish associations between universities and university colleges and by Flemish research institutions. Flemish companies will also be able to use the system.
The supercomputer will be used for space weather prediction, fluids and plasma dynamics, nanotechnology, modelling of materials, physics, bio-informatics and computational chemistry.

Press coverage

Overview of items about the first Flemish Tier1 supercomputer in the Flemish press:

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