Specialist Workshops in Parallel Computing - SWPC2013

The use of computers in general and supercomputers in particular becomes ever more important in many fields of scientific research. High-performance computing (HPC) is increasingly becoming an important necessity in many domains of research and evolves rapidly both in hardware and software. As a result, scientific computing goes beyond running self-made programs on a supercomputer. In order to utilize the available HPC infrastructure to its full potential, knowledge of different computing paradigms, including parallel computing and advanced data structures, is required. This series of workshops features seminars on important HPC topics, introduced by experts in the field. Topics include multithreading and multiprocessing, both at the introductory and advanced level, and Message Passing Interface (MPI).

These workshops are organized by Ghent University and KULeuven acting for the Flemish Supercomputing Centre (VSC), in collaboration with all other Flemish Universities and their Doctoral Schools.


    The 2013 series of specialist workshops in parallel computing comprises 2 two-day sessions and 1 one-day session. Workshops start at 9:00 and last until 17:00, with sandwich lunches at the workshop locations.

    The two-day sessions will be organized in parallel in Ghent and Leuven, utilizing video streaming and videoconferencing to enable interaction between participants and lecturers at both sites.

    Course Material

    • G. Hager and G. Wellein: “Introduction to High Performance Computing for Scientists and Engineers”. CRC Press, ISBN 978-1439811924
    • Lecture notes, additional reading and other teaching material will be distributed to all participants
    • Participants are invited to bring their own laptop computer for the hands-on sessions during each of the workshops

    Target audience and number of participants

    SWPC is especially targeting PhD students that have had a formal training in computer science, or have acquired the necessary technical computer science skills needed to take part in the hands-on sessions for each of the workshops. In particular, participants should have acquired an advanced level of programming skills, master the C/C++ or Fortran programming languages, must be able to work on the Unix/Linux command line and have a general understanding of computer architecture.
    Postdocs, staff members or non-academic interested parties can also participate depending on availability. Priority will be given to PhD students. This series of workshops is intended for a target audience of about 50 participants, spread over both venues (Ghent and Leuven).

    Subscription fee

    The subscription fee for taking part in the 3 workshops is set at €250, covering registration, course material and sandwich lunches. The subscription fee will not be reduced pro rata if a student only partakes in some of the workshops. For PhD students that have enrolled in one of the Doctoral Schools mentioned below, the Doctoral School will fund all fees.

    • Ghent University: Doctoral School of Natural Sciences or Doctoral School of (Bioscience) Engineering (funding is only available for PhD students who take part in all 3 workshops)
    • Hasselt University: Doctoral School for Sciences & Technology
    • KULeuven: Arenberg doctoral school or Doctoral School of Biomedical Sciences or Doctoral school for the Humanities and Social Sciences
    • University of Antwerp: Antwerp Doctoral School
    • Free University Brussels: Doctoral School of Human Sciences or Doctoral School of Natural Sciences and (Bioscience) Engineering or Doctoral School of Life Sciences and Medicine

    Other participants pay the full €250 fee.


    Registration closed.

    Important: Register before April 8, 2013. Registering for this event does not automatically imply that you can participate! As there usually is more interest in this course than there are places available, we will fairly hand out participation slots between the different research groups applying. April 12, we will send you a mail confirming whether or not you can attend the workshop.

    Organizing Committee

    • Peter Dawyndt (Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, UGent)
    • Jan Fostier (Department of Information Technology, UGent)
    • Kenneth Hoste (Department of Information and Communication Technology, UGent, VSC)
    • Ewald Pauwels (Department of Information and Communication Technology, UGent, VSC)
    • Jan Ooghe (Department of Information and Communication: Technology and Systems, KULeuven, VSC)
    • Kurt Lust (Department of Information and Communication: Technology and Systems, KULeuven, VSC)
    • Stefan Becuwe (Department of Mathematics – Informatics, University of Antwerp, VSC)
    • Rosette Vandenbroek (Faculty of Sciences, Free University Brussels, VSC)
    • Geert Jan Bex (Central administrative office and Research coordination, Hasselt University, VSC)

    Contact Information

    For Ghent University

    • Ewald.Pauwels@UGent.be (Flemish Supercomputer Centre & Department of Information and Communication Technology)

      For KULeuven

      For University of Antwerp

      For Hasselt University

      For Free University Brussels

      Supported by the Flemish Government