New publication: The Potenza Valley Survey (Marche, Italy)

Boek en pop-up tentoonstelling De Schelde. Stroom in verandering (large view)

Boek en pop-up tentoonstelling De Schelde. Stroom in verandering

(07-11-2017) New book on the results of field surveys in Potenza and surroundings

A few weeks ago, the first volume appeared in the new series Academia Belgica-Studia Archeologica. This new collection aims to publish the results of recent archaeological research of Belgian teams on Italian territory.

This first book is entitled “The Potenza Valley Survey (Marche, Italy). Settlement dynamics and changing material culture in an Adriatic valley between Iron Age and Late Antiquity”. Under the coordination of F. Vermeulen, D. Van Limbergen, P. Monsieur and D. Taelman a group of researchers from the Ghent Department of Archeology, together with some foreign specialists, published the main results of a large archaeological project carried out between 2000 and 2017 in the central Adriatic region of Marche.

This book contains all relevant results from the more than 150 newly discovered sites in the valley of the Potenza River, dating between 1000 BC and 600 AD. Most spectacular are the numerous new archaeological and topographic data collected through systematic prospections and some excavations on a series of abandoned Roman urban centers and proto-historic villages in this area between the Apennines and the sea. Analysis and documentation of all these discoveries and their relationship to changes in the natural environment reveal the dynamics of human communities over a long period of time. The elaboration of the main material discoveries (ceramics, architectural stone, etc.) also contribute to the knowledge of ancient cultural development and economic movements in the area. The intensive use of often innovative survey techniques allowed researchers to make an important contribution to early-historic developments, such as Roman colonization, urbanization, early trade and transport, etc. of this part of the Mediterranean world.

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