Patagonian Rock art (2012-present)

Pigment Analysis of rock art on hunter-gatherer sites in Northern Patagonia

In Northwestern Patagonia, many archaeological sites can be found that testify human occupation by hunter-gatherer groups during the Holocene period. The general purpose of archaeological research in this area, is to obtain information on the movements of these groups between the dry steppe and the different sectors in the forests. We perform the first spectroscopic analysis of samples from the archaeological excavation of two hunter-gatherer regions in Northern Patagonia (Traful Lake and Manso River areas). Samples of rock art fragments, grinding tools, shell, raw pigment material, as well as painted ceramics and beads were examined with micro-Raman spectroscopy, complemented with X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis.


Prof. dr. Peter Vandenabeele