Elite-network of exchange of the Duchy of Burgundy (2007-2020)

Material culture in the elite-network of exchange between the Mediterranean and the Duchy of Burgundy

As a spin-off of the Middelburg-project, this research -jointly done with colleague Prof. J. Dumolyn (History Dept)- examines the role the exchange of specific forms of material culture (Valencian floor-tiles and pottery, paintings…) played in the construction and continuation of 15th cent elite-networks in Europe. The research puts the focus more specifically on the relationships between the Burgundian Court and the Crown of Aragon (Valencia), but also the contacts with the Ottoman empire are examined. The study of the Valencian floor-tiles is also connected to the Lam Gods (Mystic lamb) project done by colleagues Martens and Vandenabeele.


Prof. dr. Wim De Clercq

Prof. dr. Jan Dumolyn