Rural High and Late Medieval settlement types in Flanders (2010-2020)

Rural settlement types in the High and Late Medieval periods in the county of Flanders

Historical evidence suggests that the medieval landscape was intensively exploited during the High medieval periodThis was especially true in the county of Flanders due to the development of cities and networks of trade and power around Europe. Following recent research on settlement types in Roman-period NW-Gaul, this research focuses on  the evolution of settlement morphology and socio-economic meaning of settlement types. More specifically,, the focus will be on the transformation from traditional to new settlement forms in the late medieval period.

The collaboration with the research unit ORBit will enhance the integrated and interdisciplinary approach of this study. Ongoing research at Sinaai (Boudelo-Abbey) and Maldegem-Kleit form the intellectual and methodlogical inspiration of this research project.


Prof. dr. Wim De Clercq