Values and Territories. Pithoi in the Mediterranean Bronze Age (2015-2018)

Value and territories. Pithoi, Storerooms and Redistribution across The Eastern Mediterranean, Aegean and Italy during the Bronze Age. (Doctoral research: Francesca Porta)

 Pithos (museum Larnaca)
Pithos (museum Larnaca)
This thesis aims to investigate the manufacture forming techniques used to produce pithoi (large storage vessels) during the Late Bronze Age, especially in the XIII–XII sec. B.C. in the Mediterranean area. In particular, will be examined the pithoi from Pyla-­‐Kokkinokremos (Cyprus), Phaistos (Crete), Broglio di Trebisacce (Southern Italy) and Cannatello (Sicily, Italy).

My work in Pyla–Kokkinokremos concerns the study of the pithoi found during the recent excavation on the site (seasons 2014-­‐2015), conducted by Ghent University and directed by Prof Dr Joachim Bretschneider.

Besides a macroscopic analysis of the vessels, chemical and X-ray analyses will be conducted in order to identify the manufacture forming techniques used in each area under study. This, in turn, may help to determine whether these areas share some technological features and furthermore to investigate which kind of contacts took place among them.



Prof Dr Joachim Bretschneider