Tracing properties and use of flint (2016-2020)

The impact of the physical characteristics of flint and their weathering on the preservation of prehistoric use wear traces, PhD research Éva Halbrucker

The project aims at analyzing the relationship between the technical properties of flint artefacts from various prehistoric sites in the Scheldt valley and the origin and weathering of microwear traces preserved on these artefacts. By characterizing the intrinsic properties, combined with functional experiments as well as weathering experiments, the evolution of micro wear traces in relation to the structure of the flint will be analyzed, e.g. by means of a new 3D registration protocol.

 Engraving antler with flint burin Flint burning experiment Micro-CT image of the used edge with pieces removed by the use


Prof Dr Philippe Crombé (Archaeology)

Éva Halbrucker

Prof Dr Veerle Cnudde (Geology)

Géraldine Fiers