Landscape Archaeology

Little Flanders Beyond Wales (2016-2020)

Little Flanders Beyond Wales. A landscape archaeological contribution to the discussion of Flemish influence on settlement landscapes in the British Isles, PhD research Gerben Verbrugghe.

Local communities in the Imperium Romanum (2002-2009)

Local communities in the Imperium Romanum. Transformations in the rural settlement structures and material culture in the landscapes of the northern part of the civitas Menapiorum (Prov. Gallia-Belgica, ca. 100 BC – 400 AD), PhD research Wim De Clercq

Pots, presses, people and land (2011-2015)

Pots, presses, people and land. The role of overseas export and local consumption demand in the development of viticulture and oleoculture in central Adriatic Italy (250 BC - AD 200). (Doctoral research: Dimitri Van Limbergen)