Inventory of WW I heritage in Comines-Warneton (2013-2014)

Inventarisatie en analyse van WOI-relicten in Komen-Waasten op basis van luchtfoto’s, geofysische prospectie en archeologische prospectie

Overview of WWI activity in Comines-Warneton, based on aerial photography
Overview of WWI activity in Comines-Warneton, based on aerial photography
The ‘Great War Heritage Research in Comines-Warneton’ project was conducted by Ghent University Departments of Archaeology and of Soil Management (ORBit research group) for the city of Comines-Warneton and funded by the Départment du Patrimoine, Direction de l’Archéologie, Service Public de Wallonie (grant number 11/49996).

The complete territory was mapped on the basis of WWI aerial photographs, and a ground survey was done to locate all surviving WWI relics in the landscape. Not only several bunkers are preserved, but also several kilometers of trenches, especially in the wooded areas. To check the underground preservation of WWI features, selected fields were surveyed with geophysical sensors. The result of the project is an elaborated report, GIS-files of all WWI features and detailed maps of the territory of Comines-Warneton, which now can be used for the further heritage management of the war relics in the area. The support of the Société d’Histoire de Comines-Warneton et de la region and the inhabitants of Comines-Warneton was much appreciated during the research and fieldwork in the region.


Dr. Birger Stichelbaut

Yannick Van Hollebeeke

Prof. dr. Jean Bourgeois