Study Programme Committees

The study programme committees are permanent advisory bodies of the faculty with regard to the general policy and organisation of the way in which the study programme(s) are to be taught.

Within this framework, they are in charge of setting the objectives, overseeing the way in which the educational and learning activities are organised and given shape, supervising the guidance during and smooth working of the educational learning processes, and they are responsible for the results of these learning processes.

In addition, they are responsible for the continuous optimisation of the quality of the education on offer.

They are charged with the task of developing, implementing and evaluating the entire study programme overview for one or several study programmes.

African Languages and Cultures

Applied Language Studies


Art History, Musicology and Theatre Studies

Comparative Modern Literature

East European Languages and Cultures

Gender and Diversity

Historical Linguistics and Literature


Linguistics and Literature: two languages

Master in Advanced Studies in Linguistics

  • chair: Ulrike Vogl
  • secretary: Kristin Davidse (KU Leuven)

Multilingual Business Communication

Oriental Languages and Cultures

Philosophy and Moral Sciences

Research Master of Arts in Philosophy