Workspaces for groups

In order to make optimal use of the study space capacity within the library, it is not possible to reserve group work spaces from 29/04/2024 to 21/06/2024. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Visitors who want to make use of a group workspace need to make a reservation through the Affluences tool.
  • A reservation is final only upon receipt of a confirmation code.
  • Only for informal educational activities in the context of your studies or work, such as group assignments, paper discussions, small-scale meetings, online meetings.
  • One person can book a maximum of 1 room at a time per day, for a maximum duration of 4 hours, and a maximum of 12 hours per week.
  • The room is open - please confirm your use of it on site with the QR code. Without any confirmation, the workspace will be made available again.
  • When leaving the room for the day, the person who made the reservation is responsible for leaving the space clean, tidy, and in good condition: please clean up any waste and put back the furniture.
  • Bags and food are not allowed in the library; please use the lockers.
  • During the exam study period, the rooms are used for studying and cannot be booked. Please leave the door open at all times during that period.
  • At the service desk in the Magnel wing you can borrow: flipover board, whiteboard markers and eraser, mobile beamer, HDMI cable, DVI cable, VGA cable or USB-C cable. This material will be registered on your library account.

For faculty staff: do you want to use a group workspace for meetings or classes?

  • Book a group workspace through Affluences
  • At service desk Magnel you can borrow a laptop or meeting owl. Please inform us upfront via an email to
  • Would you like to offer coffee, tea or water while using the room? Then please take into account the following guidelines:
    • Coffee, tea and water can be fetched in the faculty library’s kitchen.
    • In the kitchen you will find cups and glasses, as well as a trolley to transport everything safely.
    • Please inform us if you want to use a thermos.
    • Afterwards, please return everything to the kitchen and load it into the dishwasher.
    • Staff at the service desk will give you access to the kitchen.

Overview group workspaces

Magnel Wing

  • Herman Uyttersprot, 1st floor: 18 spaces, fixed beamer, whiteboard
    GWP Uyttersprot
  • Robert Van Nuffel, 1st floor: 8 spaces, whiteboard
  • Cecile Vereecken, 1st floor: 8 spaces, whiteboard
  • Frans Olbrechts , 2nd floor: 42 spaces, whiteboard
    GWP Olbrechts
  • Amaat Burssens, 2nd floor behind the Japanology collection: 22 spaces, fixed beamer, whiteboard

Loveling wing

  • Jules de Saint-Genois, ground floor: 8 spaces
  • Denise De Weerdt, 1st floor: 8 spaces, whiteboard
  • Simone Bergmans, 2nd floor: 4 spaces