Master of Arts in History


The Master in History programme builds on the bachelor's programme. Students who have previously obtained another diploma may also be admitted to the master's history through a specific preparation programme.


In the master’s programme, students specialize in a particular era (e.g. medieval history), or a specific theme (e.g. economic history). The primary objective of the master's programme is that the students become more proficient in conducting independent academic research within their elected field. In addition to which, they may select from a wide range of classes, including many in line with their own interests.


The Master’s in History focuses on the production of a master's thesis (30 credits). The Ghent History Department will provide students with an excellent research infrastructure within a wide range of specialities, from classical antiquity to contemporary history. Students choose where they specialize further. The comprehensive professorial and academic staffs are responsible for guiding them on a high scientific level.

Scientific focus

The Ghent History Department has scores of professors and postdoctoral associates, each with a specific specialization, from classical antiquity to contemporary history. An introduction to the various research units can be consulted at the department's website.

Full programme