Master of Arts in Philosophy

What is the MA in Philosophy?

The master’s programme in Philosophy develops an advanced knowledge of problems in contemporary analytic and continental philosophy, philosophy of science and logic, the history of philosophy and in ethics. It provides students with an understanding of a representative range of contemporary philosophical issues and actively stimulates them to further think through, expand and defend their philosophical ideas.

What does the course look like?

Students may choose from a wide selection of elective courses, covering most domains in advanced philosophy. The MA thesis allows students to thoroughly develop their knowledge and thoughts of a self-chosen topic.

Why study Philosophy at Ghent University?

Studying the MA in Philosophy at Ghent University will offer you a diverse and an unique mix of Anglo-American and continental philosophy. Of central concern is thinking through issues that emerge from the interplay and relations between science, philosophy and society. The curriculum is thematically and problem-oriented, and aims at activating the students’ own critical thinking.

What are the central research themes in line with the course?

Students will benefit from the vibrant research activities and centres from the Department of Philosophy and Moral Sciences. Core research themes include logic and philosophy of science, ethics, the study of the Christian tradition, critical philosophy, medical ethics and bioethics, sexual ethics and politics, the scientific study of morality and the ‘moral brain’, etc.

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