Education at IPEM


Education in musicology

Musicology studies at Ghent University form part of the degree program of Arts in Art History, Musicology and Theatre Studies. Ghent University enables students to study Musicology within a broad scientific and cultural context, involving aspects of scientific principles, institutional developments, musical and stage practices and concrete music repertoires. Education in Musicology focuses on teaching skills for people that work in the cultural and creative sector. This educational program is drawing upon advanced research at IPEM, the research center associated with the Department of Art, Music and Theatre Sciences. MA and PhD students become actively involved in the most advanced research projects at IPEM. Students learn to apply the new methodologies within an environment that focuses on innovation.

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At IPEM, specific courses are given:

2nd Bachelor

    • Foundations of musical acoustics and sonology (Dr. Pieter-Jan Maes)

3rd Bachelor

    • Sociology of music and stage arts (Dr. Micheline Lesaffre)


    • Music psychology (Prof. Dr. Marc Leman)
    • Systematic musicology (Prof. Dr. Marc Leman)
    • Ethnomusicology (Prof. Dr. Dirk Moelants)

PhD in musicology and PhD in music

The PhD in Musicology (fully called PhD in Art Science: Musicology) targets music research from a musicological perspective. The PhD in Music (fully called PhD in Art: Music) targets artistic research in music performance and music creation. Both PhD programs are organized within the framework of the Doctoral School of Arts, Humanities and Law. For more information about the program click general information about the PhD and information about the doctoral school. The PhD research is fully embedded within the research projects of IPEM.

Erasmus students

The Department of Art, Music and Theater Sciences accepts and encourages foreign students to enroll in its MA program. In 2006, 2007 and 2008, IPEM organized the International Summer School in Systematic Musicology (an intensive program with the support of the ERASMUS/SOCRATES program of the European commission).