Mateusz Borowski in research residency at S:PAM


Dr. Hab. Mateusz Borowski will be joining us at Ghent University' S:PAM for a short-term research residency for the period from 1 December 2016 until 28 February 2017.

Dr. Hab. Mateusz Borowski conducts research on the notion of memory, strategies of forgetting and digital culture. The research stay at Ghent University is closely connected with the research project Artificial Bodies / Living Machines in the Laboratory of Performative Arts (PNCS Polish National Centre of Science). This international research project is supervised by the Drama dept. of the Jagiellonian University (Prof. Malgorzata Sugiera and Dr. Hab. Mateusz Borowski), and with three international partners: Kent University (Prof. Rosemary Klich), the University of Southampton (Prof. Jussi Parikka) and Ghent University (Prof. Christel Stalpaert).