IPEM's Beathealth Patent


Mobile system allowing adaptation of the runner's cadence

The BeatHealth system aims to develop a mobile music listening device synchronizing in a personalized way music and movement, and dedicated to improving the kinematics of the runner. Thanks to inertial units connected to a smartphone, the runner's steps are detected in real time by the mobile application. A dedicated algorithm adapts the pulsation of the musical excerpts in such a way as to bring the runner to a suitable cadence, capable of preventing injuries. The present invention concerns a method for the synchronization of the rhythmic stimulation with the biological variability using a Kuramoto model characterized in that phase oscillator with a coupling term from the movement dynamics with parameters of,coupling strength, maximum and minimum frequencies for a fraction of the unmodified song frequency, maximum difference between the tempo and target frequency,
Inventors: Benoît BARDY, Simone DALLA BELLA, Loic DAMM, Dobri DOTOV, Déborah VAROQUI, Jeska BUHMANN, Marc LEMAN, Bart MOENS, Edith VAN DYCK, Sean O'leary, Joseph Timoney, Rudi VILLING, Tomas WARD, Valérie COCHEN DE COCK