Capturing dance movements

Intensities and Embodied Experiences: Research Into New Possibilities of Digital Media for Dance Analysis and -Notation based on Fase (1982) by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and ROSAS

Project Description:

The research project falls under the scientific domains of performing arts, systematic musicology and computer sciences. The capturing of dance movements, dance experience and embodied expression in a performance constellation provides a particular challenge for expanding IPEM’s approach to the digital topological analysis and description of basic gestures performed by a single individual body to the analysis and description of more complex dance movements and choreographic phrases performed by several interrelating dancers. The extended application of MoCap and the related analysis will create new opportunities and possibilities for dance analysis, dance notation, and dance archiving.  
This research project aims at finding new opportunities and possibilities of digital media for dance analysis and notation based on Fase by the Flemish choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker and her dance ensemble ROSAS.

Promotors: C. Stalpaert
K. Pewny
M. Leman
Researchers: L. Karreman
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