The education in Theatre Studies at Ghent University is part of the Department of Art History, Musicology and Theatre Studies. The exceptional concept of the education program consists of an integrated curriculum in Musicology, Theatre and the Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Architecture, Interior Design and Industrial Art. Consequently, the education program has a unique profile, compared with other Flemish universities. The program starts with a general and contextualising basic training and an introduction into the history of the different disciplines. Then, the program strives for a deepening insight in the specific field of study on the one hand and for an interdisciplinary research and education on the other.


Theatre Studies at Ghent University

Information on the profile of the education in Theatre Studies at Ghent University. 

Master's Program at Ghent University

Information on the seminars and courses in Theatre, Dance and Performance in Ghent University's Master's Program


Practical Information

Practical information for students about theatre reductions, the Erasmus exchange program and more.

Information about the Apprenticeship

Information on the apprenticeship, both for students and for organisations.