Theatre Studies at Ghent University


Theatre Studies at Ghent University focuses on the Performing Arts and Media Art, meaning that we explore theatrical performance in the broadest possible sense. The scope is not only theatre and the drama text, but also the broader performing arts (text theatre, performance, puppet theatre, dance theatre, music theatre, etc.) and contemporary media art (photography, film, video, etc.). As such, we go along with the international tendency of performativity, transversality and intermediality. 

The subject matter is taught with several teaching methods, ranging from lectures to interactive research seminars with group work and presentations. These exercises aim to familiarise the student with basic research skills, allowing them to conduct innovative, independent and critical research, departing from a well-delineated research question. The student is also trained in journalistic writing skills, as well as in archival research and performance analysis. The apprenticeship is an intensive first meeting with the practical field, allowing students to develop organisational and productional skills and to test their theoretical knowledge by practical experience. Furthermore, we invite international guest lecturers on a regular basis.

The Bachelor in Art History, Musicology and Theatre Studies offers a general basic education, focusing on the history of the respective artistic fields and their academic implications. From the second year onward, the Major in Theatre and Performing Arts cooperates closely with the education in Musicology. As a student, you get the chance to gain more in-depth knowledge about theatre with courses like 'The History of Theatre and the Performing Arts', 'Cultural-historical Aspects of Dance- and Music Theatre', 'Methodology of Theatre and the Performing Arts', 'Methodological Exercise', 'Repertory Studies', 'Ritual Aspects of Theatre and the Performing Arts' and 'Sociology of Music- and the Performing Arts'.

After the Bachelor, you have the possibility to specialise further in Theatre Studies with a Master degree. Courses like 'Dramaturgy', 'Visual Strategies in Film, Photography and Video Art', 'Political, Social and Ethical Aspects of the Performing Arts' and the 'Research Seminar on Contemporary Performance Theory' offer the newest insights and developments in theatre and performance studies, in dance studies and media studies.

Alongside the theoretical education, you also get the chance to explore the field and gain practical experience with collective and individual theatre visits (inexpensive because of several theatre reductions), the apprenticeship and a stay abroad at foreign universities. With excursions to Amsterdam and Paris, your view is expanded beyond the national borders. And because of numerous bilateral Erasmus exchange agreements, you can also choose to spread your wings internationally.

The education program offers a wide range of career opportunities. Graduates have diverse possibilities on the job market. They are qualified for jobs in the broad artistic and cultural field, be it in supporting positions (Bachelor), be it on then executive and policy-related level or with a focus on research (Master). The artistic and cultural field is broad: museums, cultural centres and art centres, media, press, publishing houses, archives and documentation centres, heritage centres, cultural tourism, galleries, conservation of monuments, education and other government services.

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