Second Report: "Contemporary Dance Artists in Berlin" available for download now


This report presents the interim results of research conducted within the frame of the FWO-funded project Choreographies of Precariousness: A Transdisciplinary Study of the Working and Living Conditions in the Contemporary Dance Scenes of Brussels and BerlinThe transdisciplinary orientation of this project will offer facts and figures on the working and living conditions of contemporary dance artists based in Brussels or Berlin (through quantitative research) as well as deeper insights into their motivations, choices and values (through qualitative research). Moreover, since the working conditions and aesthetics within dance cannot be neatly separated from each other, the study will allow an in-depth analysis of their interaction. 

As for now, this report gives a descriptive outline of the Berlin contemporary dance scene based on facts and figures stemming from an online survey conducted between 12 April and 14 November 2016 and resulting in 63 completed and valid questionnaires. This report is set up in the same manner as the report on the Brussels data that was released in the summer of 2016, which facilitates comparison. The Annexes offer more information on the consulted background literature and, particularly, the overall research design, as well as most of the figures we refer to. For an overview of the regulations and figures on the German unemployment benefit system, the minimum wages and the social security fund for artists, see part 3, 4 and 5 of the Annexes respectively, followed by the list of bibliographical references.​

Choreographies of Precariousness is a collaboration between S:PAM (Ghent University) and CeSO (Centre for Sociological Research, KU Leuven).

Promotor: Prof. Katharina Pewny
Co-promotors: Prof. Rudi Laermans (KU Leuven), Prof. Christel Stalpaert


A report with the results of the research on the socio-economic position of contemporary dance artists in Berlin is available: