Researcher Sofie de Smet collaborates with Mokhallad Rasem for the performance "Temporary"


On 7 December 2017, the performance Tijdelijk (Temporary) will premiere in Brussels. The performance is the result of a collaboration between the director Mokhallad Rasem and S:PAM researcher Sofie de Smet. Sofie is working on her PhD in Theatre Studies and Psychology, in which she focuses on a contemporary artistic creation – actual practice must have a word – and found an ally in Mokhallad Rasem. In Tijdelijk, Rasem embarks on an exploration with ten young refugees from Syria, who share a physical and mental space. What binds them even more than their common past is the temporariness of their present situation and the uncertainty of the future. In search of recognition and distinctions, they examine each other’s desires: are they yearning for old dreams, creating new ones, or bringing the old and the new in line with each other?


7, 8 and 9 December 2017 at GC De Kriekelaar (Brussels)

15, 16, 17 December 2017 at Toneelhuis (Antwerp)

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