Tickle Your Catastrophe

Tickle Your Catastrophe

6-7 March 2009, Vooruit Arts Centre, Ghent

Although worst-case scenarios have always been part of our cultural identity, the catastrophe has taken on a different form at the beginning of a new millennium. Not only have we become increasingly aware that the threat of a social, ecological or economic catastrophe is real and inevitable, we also realise that we are not exactly innocent when we consider the causes of these catastrophes, and therefore cannot blame divine providence, fate or forces of nature. Yet we know that we alone cannot change the world. Tickle Your Catastrophe! doesn't want to wallow in doom and pessimism, but wants to question our idea of a catastrophe and the role it plays in philosophy, art and science today. As the original meaning of the conference title suggest, we want to give this concept 'a kick up the bum' in order to discover how the catastrophe was and is represented in art and philosophy.

Participants (in alphabetical order): BAVO (BE), Hans Bryssinck (BE), Peter Cusack (UK), Marko Daniel (UK), Lieven De Cauter (BE), Dirk De Meyer (BE), Nicolas de Oliveira (UK), Pedro Gadanho (PT), Ant Hampton (UK), Martin Harris (US), Oliver Harris (UK), Courtney Helgoe (US), Vlad Ionesco (BE), Natalie Jeremijenko (US), Inge Jonckheere (BE), Thijs Lijster (NL), Tom McCarthy (UK), J.D. Mininger (LT), Naeem Mohaiemen (US-BGD), Dany Nobus (UK), Eli Noë (BE), Johan Pas (BE), Jason Michael Peck (US), Katarzyna Ruchel-Stockmans (BE), Patrick Primavesi, (DE), Christian Salewski (CH) Bjorn Scherlippens (BE), Susan Schuppli (UK), Nicola Setari (BE), Yves T'Sjoen (BE), Katja van Driel (NL), Maya Van Leemput, (BE), Marc Vanrunxt (BE).

Institutional Partners & Funding

THE GAME IS UP 09, Vooruit Arts Centre, KASK, Jan van Eyck Academie, NGE.