S:PAM Lecture #18 - Prof. Dr. Rita Swanepoel

23-10-2017 from 17:00 to 19:00
Campus Boekentoren, Conference Room, 3rd Floor, Blandijnberg 2
S:PAM (Studies in Performing Arts & Media)
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The aesthetics of Das Nichtidentische within the historical context of South Africa 

by Prof. Dr. Rita Swanepoel (North-West University, South Africa)


This Lecture explores the role and position of the postcolonial other or das Nichtidentische in neo-Marxistterminology within the historical context of South Africa. South Africa serves as an example of a society with unequal power, social and economic relations during its British colonial and apartheid eras. Within this context, the other or das Nichtidentische refers to those individuals not belonging to the so-called white in-group. Within any society with unequal relations, the particular interests of the people in power [or those belonging to the in-group] are generalized across the whole of society and imposed on all people as generalized interests. Where the individual interests do not correspond to the general interests of society in its totality, the interests of the individual are negated and ignored. It can therefore be stated that the utopia of those in power becomes the proverbial hell of the other. I argue that individual artists deal with their personal, collective and historical identity issues in their works of art through artistic representations of their subjective selves. Inherently, these representations are informed by their individual as well as collective and historical memories of the past. 


Prof. Dr. Rita Swanepoel is the research director of the research entity for the visual arts at the Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University in South-Africa. She holds a PhD in Philosophy of Art within the broad field of History of Art.


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