Postdramatic Aesthetics


Christel Stalpaert is the founder and convener of the Associatie Onderzoeksgroep for Postdramatic Aesthetics since 2007. This associated research group organises conferences, reading seminars and doctoral training programs. It initiates exchanges between researchers working in and on the performing arts and stimulates the development of research projects, seminars, workshops, and publications. It primarily focuses on researchers affiliated with University College Ghent and Ghent University, but remains in dialogue with national and international experts in order to generate a reflective space.

The Research Unit consists of staff members of both Ghent University and University College Ghent; institutions that are part of the Ghent University Association. It has a mediating, coordinating and controlling function with regard to the study of 'postdramatic aesthetics'. The focus on 'postdramatic aesthetics' implies the presence of a caesura in contemporary theatre theory and practice. Postdramatic aesthetics move beyond a univocal grouping of signifying material around one centre, narrative plot structure. The synthesising power of plot, the centring principle of narration which guarantees the construction's surveyability, is abandoned in favour of new possibilities for the autonomous strength of word, image and sound.

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