Book Series

Editorial board

Prof. Dr. Christel Stalpaert and Prof. Dr. Katharina Pewny

Research topics

S:PAM publications reflect the research interests and the five research clusters of the S:PAM research centre: Technologies; Memories, Traumata & Conflicts; Histories; Dramaturgies and Practices.

S:PAM books

Take a look at the published volumes in the S:PAM book series here.

Publishing in the S:PAM Book Series

The S:PAM book series explicitly focuses not just on theatre, but on all hybrid forms in the field of performance, dance, film and media, both in a contemporary and a historical context.

With the series, the editorial board primarily aims to provide the research centre with a publishing outlet. The series is open to guest editors as well, whose proposals will be examined by the editors and an international advisory board. Contributions will be subjected to peer review to ascertain a consistently high output level.

If you are interested in guest editing a S:PAM book, please contact one of the editors with your book proposal.