Terms and Conditions

The Low Countries Studies programme does not lead to a degree, only to a certificate. The programme is not a full-time degree programme or exchange module and cannot be used to gain access to or register for university studies. If you are a student, you take this course as an additional programme. Since this is a post academic programme, no ECTS credits can be obtained.


Students can register until the end of February 2019. Students who want to register after that date can no longer participate. Students need to attend 9 lectures in order to obtain the certificate. To prove your attendance you need to register with your student ID just before the start of each lecture. In order to do so, you need to subscribe to Minerva, the e-learning platform of Ghent University:

- you visit http://minerva.ugent.be and log in via CAS
- you register for the infosite: AXLOCS - Permanent Training "Low Countries Studies". Procedure: Select Offerings > Study offer 2018-2019 > Infosites > Study offer 2018-2019 > Subscribe to (other) infosites > Keyword AXLOCS > Actions (activate the select button) > click on the link Permanent Training "Low Countries Studies"

This registration on the weekly digital attendance sheets just before the lectures on Tuesdays is the only official proof for attendance! No other proof is accepted.

The extra events do not count as attendance for the certificate, since they are open to a limited number of participants (first come, first served).

The usual rules of the University apply in connection with quitting the programme (see Dutch version of the rules).

Certificate and how to obtain it

All students who participated in three quarters of the lectures (i.e. registred their attendance 9 times) are entitled to an official certificate from Ghent University signed by the Rector. Each student will receive a copy both in Dutch and in English.

The name on the certificate will be in the order <First name - Family Name> as indicated on the official registration list (and on your university card) of the Rectorate. This order cannot be changed.

The certificates will be handed out officially during the Certificate Awarding Ceremony in Auditorium 2 Franz Cumont (formerly Auditorium C) of the Faculty of Arts, Blandijnberg 2, ground floor. The ceremony will be followed by a reception.

Students who were not able to attend the awarding ceremony can collect their certificate at the “Facultaire Studentenadministratie” of the Faculty of Arts (campus Blandijn). The office of the “Facultaire Studentenadministratie” is situated next to the side entrance (Sint-Amandsstraat; rooms: and The opening hours of the “Facultaire Studentenadministratie” are:

 -  Weekdays: 8.30-12.00 and 14.00-16.00
More information on the "Facultaire Studentenadministratie".

The certificates can also be collected by a friend. To do this the student has to send a mail to the coordinator stating the name of the friend and the friend has to sign the register upon receipt.

Certificates will not be sent by post.