The Urban Roots of Medieval Europe: the contribution of the cities of Flanders

22-02-2023 from 19:00 to 21:00
Campus Boekentoren, Building Blandijn (Blandijnberg 2), Aud. 3 Suzanne Lilar
Martine De Reu

Visitors to the Low Countries are often impressed by the cities' cultural and architectural heritage. The lecture guides the student through the medieval and early modern past of the cities of Flanders and Brabant. After examining the representation of the city in medieval and early modern art, the lecturer focusses on the urban network in the Low Countries and the urban economics and politics. He ends by displaying the multiple faces of urban culture.

Lecturer: Marc Boone, Faculty of Arts

Want to know more? Visit the Groeningemuseum or Gruuthusemuseum in Bruges! Or read City and Society in the Low Countries, 1100-1600.