Belgian gastronomy. The theory and practice.

26-04-2023 from 09:30 to 13:00
Hotelschool, Lange Violettestraat 10
Martine De Reu

The 'Hotelschool Gent' is a school organised by the City of Ghent. It offers a programme on hotelmanagement (including cooking and serving appropriate drinks), a programme on cooking (in restaurants and for mass catering) and a programme on bakery and pastry.

Pupils (at present 350) start their formation at the age of 12 and obtain their degree at the age of 18 (ideally). If they want to, they can then opt for several one-year specialisation programmes. Pupils always do extensive in-service training.

During our visit, students of Low Countries Studies will prepare a typical Flemish dish together with the students of the Hotelschool Gent. Afterwards everyone will be invited to taste the result. The previous years we prepared Gentse Waterzooi, Belgian Chocolates and Belgian 'fries'. The topic for this year is 'Belgian Waffles' (also called 'Brussels Waffles' or 'Liège Waffles').


  • welcome by Mr Luc De Wispelaere (director) or representative
  • practical demonstration and degustation

Practical information:

  • all students are expected in front of the Hotelschool at 9:30 (Lange Violettestraat 10, 9000 Gent), see map for route from Blandijnberg (where the lectures are held) to the Hotelschool
  • cost: free (includes waffles and chocolate milk drink)
  • you don't have to bring anything special and you can wear your usual clothes
  • limited number of participants: 30