The Media in Flanders

22-03-2023 from 19:00 to 21:00
Campus Boekentoren, Building Blandijn (Blandijnberg 2), Aud. 3 Suzanne Lilar
Martine De Reu

This lecture provides an illustrated tour through the Flemish media landscape. From trashy to stylish, from entertaining to boring, from enriching to plain stupid, from 'typically Flemish' programmes to globalised tv-formats: the small, but diverse Flemish media market caters all tastes. The lecture focusses on newspapers, radio and television and answers such questions as: Why do the Flemish students read the papers that they do? Which radio station should you listen to for your favourite music? And what do the Flemish like to watch on tv after a hard day's work?

Lecturer: Maxine De Wulf Helskens, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences