Molenbeek (in Brussels): a Low Countries Large City Multicultural Laboratory

17-05-2023 from 15:30 to 20:00
MigratieMuseumMigration, rue des Ateliers, 1080 Brussels
Martine De Reu

Introduction: (1) concepts: globalization and glocalization; "migrant"; arrival city; capital (human, social, cultural, spiritual), and (2) short overview: migrations to Low Countries and current refugee flows. The introduction is followed by a presentation of Molenbeek in Brussels. The presentation will be framed by the developed concepts and the short overview of migrations and refugee flows. If there is enough time, attention will be given to 2 recent and current challenges: jihadism and the management of multiple loyalties.

Lecturer: Johan Leman (Faculty of Social Sciences, KULeuven and director of Foyer Molenbeek)

This lecture will be held in the museum MigratieMuseumMigration in Molenbeek. There will be two (identical) sessions, one from 3.30 pm till 5.30 pm and one from 6 pm till 8.00 pm.  The maximum size of one group is 30 persons.

Participation in this activity is free (i.e. the entrance tickets will be paid for by Ghent University), but you need to register and to arrange for your own travel to Brussels. The easiest way is to take the train in Gent-Sint-Pieters to Brussel-Noord = Bruxelles-Nord and walk to the museum (15 minutes via large avenues). Cost for the train: if you travel in a group of five and are younger than 26 years, you can use the Youth Multi, and your trip costs you only 11 EUR. Plus 26 years traveling in group can use the Standard Multi. Individual return tickets for minus 26 year to Brussels cost 13,20 EUR; individual tickets for plus 26 year: 18,40 EUR.

The lecture will also be digitally available.

Registration for this activity is open. Students taking exams for this course can register via Ufora; students who registered via the Humanities Academy write an email to Martine De Reu.