Narcissism of Minor Differences. Security and Intelligence in Belgium and The Netherlands

01-01-2020 from 19:00 to 20:30
Blandijn, Aud. 3 Suzanne Lilar
Martine De Reu
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Belgium and The Netherlands enjoy a very tight relationship in many fields, and security especially. The two countries engage in intensive defence, (inter)national security and intelligence cooperation. There are both likenesses and differences in the two countries’ approach to security. This lecture will compare developments in national security in The Netherlands and Belgium. A historical perspective will consider how the two countries came closer together after a tough divorce, being two small nations wedged between two hostile great powers (1870, 1914, 1940), but also confronted with common security challenges and threats such as international terrorism, and how such challenges influenced approaches to national security and intelligence, as well as the tight alliance post World War II. The differences and likenesses in current security policy and arrangements will also be dealt with (politics, the relationship among  the services, the legal framework, budgets) to examine whether the strengths and weaknesses of security services are unique to the countries they protect or are more common than is thought.

 Lecturer: Kenneth Lasoen, Faculty of Arts

This lecture is cancelled - a PDF-file is available in Ufora.