Workshop 'Beyond Time 2: Non-prototypical uses of aspectual constructions in less typical environments'

06-02-2020 van 06:00 tot 17:00
Rubens Auditorium, Palace of the Academies (KVAB), Hertogstraat / Rue Ducale 1, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
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Michael Meeuwis, Astrid De Wit (UA), Frank Brisard (UA)
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We are proud to bring this international interdisciplinary workshop to Europe, and to once more reunite renowned experts on aspectual semantics from a wide range of fields.

Our aim is to unify the analysis of temporal and non-temporal uses of aspectual constructions. In addition, we intend to synthesize, in a more inclusive way than is traditionally done, existing and potentially converging research on aspectual usage types that are considered more marginal, and to promote novel approaches to aspect that attend to its interaction with other grammatical subsystems.

The contributions to Beyond Time 2 cover diverse domains and approaches – going from theoretical linguistics to experimental research and fieldwork – and address a wide range of topics, including aspect in sign language and child language, the modal basis of aspectual constructions, the interface between aspect and pragmatics, and aspect in translation.​