Literary Studies Workshop with Cristina Cocola: 'Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Psalter’s Reflections in Athanasius’ Letter to Marcellinus'

22-10-2019 van 13:00 tot 14:00
Blandijnberg 2, lokaal 110.022
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​Lezing van Cristina Cocola (Griekse Letterkunde).


The Letter to Marcellinus on the Interpretation of the Psalms, written by Athanasius of Alexandria (295-373), is one of the oldest sources which reflect the early Christian use of the Psalms for private devotion. By comparing the Psalter to the other books of the Bible, Athanasius attempts to give his friend Marcellinus (who remains unknown to us) practical advices on the use of individual Psalms in Christian personal prayer. Thanks to its spiritual and literary importance, the Letter soon became the most widespread introduction to the Psalter in the Greek manuscript tradition.

In his Letter, Athanasius employs different metaphors and similitudes to describe the Book of the Psalms. The Psalter is firstly compared to a garden, secondly to a painting, and then to a mirror. By focusing on the meaning of these literary images, I will outline the crucial role of the Psalter in revealing the knowledge of one’s own soul and emotions.​


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