Seminarie 'Recording voluntary jurisdiction in the late Middle Ages'

22-11-2019 van 06:30 tot 11:00
Plateau Building, ground floor, 'Simon Stevin' Room (Plateaustraat 22)
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Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies
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Final 2019 collaborative seminar on medieval documentary and juridical sources: "Recording voluntary jurisdiction in the late Middle Ages. Notaries and other legal actors"

The seminar brings together experts from Ghent University (History Department and Legal History) as well as other Belgian and international experts. 

The aim is to facilitate discussion in the research field of medieval documentary - and especially legislative - sources and set up new collaborations.

Central to the programme is a keynote lecture by Prof. Dr. Mathias Schmoeckel (Universität Bonn), Sarton Medalist 2019, on “Documentality, the success of documentary evidence”