Arabic in personal care

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Starting level: Beginner level


People from various backgrounds usually meet in the public field, such as the healthcare sector. This is also where many questions arise, for example caused by religions, such as the Islam.

In a multicultural doctor’s office, topics of conversation include circumcision, virginity, disabilities, organ transplant, illness during the Ramadan, euthanasia, abortion, homosexuality, gender, magic and the evil eye.

Certain dilemmas might seem insolvable at first sight as Muslim clients indicate that they base their thoughts and actions on religious prescriptions or want to experience the Islam as a culture and identity.

This course is aimed at professions who require guidance to improve the quality of their care provision so as to be able to better anticipate the ethical issues of Muslims who are in various stages of transition here.


One third of the course covers the cultural aspect. The remainder consists of roleplays in which we train basic survival Arabic at a beginner’s level, applied in a medical context.

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