English @ work: Phone and talk

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Starting level:

You studied English at secondary school.
Before registering for this course, you should go to the UCT website to take a self-assessment test which will determine your correct level of English. This will enable you to register for the business module that suits your level best: English@Work or Business English.


This course improves your language level and teaches you to communicate correctly in a company environment. By means of authentic audio and video recordings, you will enhance your formal language use.


By the end of this module, you will be able to ask if someone is available at a given time, connect someone, make appointments, etc. In addition, you will be able to adjust your language use to formal and informal situations. In short, you will master the relevant telephone vocabulary and by means of several speaking and listening exercises, you will also enhance your business vocabulary in general.

Placement test: Self test

Useful information

This module is only organized by request, which has the advantage that we can offer the utmost flexibility, in terms of both content and practical arrangements. The content of the course is personalized in mutual consultation and adjusted to the context of your company, thus perfectly fitting your needs and wishes. Moreover, we schedule the course at the time and location that suits you best, of course taking into account the availability of the teacher.

Should you be interested in exclusively arranging this module for you and your employees, please contact Elke Weylandt  () for a non-binding offer.