Immersion in Dutch for each type of teacher

Content information

Starting level: B2


For all lessons and activities, Dutch is the medium. In that way, applicants get a fulltime immersion during this internship. There is a focus on fluent oral language use by several extensive speaking exercises, with attention on refining pronunciation. A couple of grammatical items are treated in detail. Apart from that an extension of vocabulary is also part of the programme.

The importance of strategic skills is expressed in the learning process itself: the applicants learn to apply strategies that facilitate dealing with Dutch, such as compensation strategies (e.g. deducing meaning from context, the use of description) and learning strategies (e.g. evaluating your own progression). During different lessons, the adaptations of the exercises and tasks in the educational practice are also discussed. The themes, texts and language situations are chosen so that they can be used personally for teaching.

The use of the UCT’s language lab facilities offers extra possibilities for differentiation (everyone works at his/her own rhythm, with individual guidance by the teacher), self-assessment (what are my weaknesses and how can I work on those? e.g. specific pronunciation exercises) and processing assignments on different levels (digital learning platform with online connection for, for instance, linking authentic material to certain language skills).

The stay in a Flemish city and the cultural activities (lectures, workshops, guided tours) contribute to a deeper language knowledge. Not only during the lessons is Dutch the medium, in the evening activities are also planned, during which repetition and deepening language skills can be realised.

Themes addressed in the language lessons:

  • Proverbs and expressions
  • Role games
  • Particles

Didactic themes addressed are among others:

  • Working with authentic material
  • Films and movies
  • Digital exercises in learning path

Placement test: No

Useful information

This module is only organized by request, which has the advantage that we can offer the utmost flexibility, in terms of both content and practical arrangements. The content of the course is personalized in mutual consultation and adjusted to the context of your company, thus perfectly fitting your needs and wishes. Moreover, we schedule the course at the time and location that suits you best, of course taking into account the availability of the teacher.

Should you be interested in exclusively arranging this module for you and your employees, please contact Elke Weylandt  () for a non-binding offer.