¿Puedo Ayudarle? 2

Content information

Starting level:

You have already taken a beginner’s course in Spanish and are thus able to hold basic informative conversations in Spanish. You can ask simple questions and answer them as long as they cover familiar topics. You use short, simple sentences in a simple present tense when speaking or writing. You only understand Spanish when it is spoken slowly and clearly.

You can get an idea of your knowledge level by means of this multiple choice test (65Kb).


The participants can:

  • use Spanish in academic and professional contexts
  • express themselves orally in the most frequently occurring professional situations
  • fluently exchange information on the phone
  • write instructions and memos or take notes during a meeting (for example to write a report)
  • write basic formal emails and letters


This course covers concrete linguistic actions such as:

  • asking for and giving information
  • scheduling an appointment
  • making a reservation

The course generally focuses on improving practical skills and expanding vocabulary & functional grammar. Authentic material is used to investigate formal & business language and to acquire relevant structures to facilitate contact with Spanish speakers and even be able to help them in their mother tongue without preparation. Various speaking and listening exercises will help you to broaden your vocabulary. Further exercises will allow you to interactively train all acquired knowledge.

Placement test: Yes

Useful information

This module is only organized by request, which has the advantage that we can offer the utmost flexibility, in terms of both content and practical arrangements. The content of the course is personalized in mutual consultation and adjusted to the context of your company, thus perfectly fitting your needs and wishes. Moreover, we schedule the course at the time and location that suits you best, of course taking into account the availability of the teacher.

Should you be interested in exclusively arranging this module for you and your employees, please contact Elke Weylandt  () for a non-binding offer.