Preparatory year of Dutch for speakers of other languages

Content information

Starting level: No prior knowledge of Dutch is required.

At the end of this course you can better understand native speakers, even when they talk very fast. You learn how to express yourself fluently and spontaneously, both orally and in writing.

Your reading skills are not limited to the comprehension of simple texts on familiar topics, but enable you to deal with texts at a higher level (on current affairs, in an academic environment, for professional purposes,...).

You can write clear, well-structured, detailed texts about complex topics, logically structured, coherent and well connected.

If you obtain at least a level B2 language proficiency, you can get a certificate that enables you to enrol at Ghent University.

Content: The course consists of six modules (level 1 through 6), taught over a period of 9 months.

Placement test: No

Administrative data

Course abbreviation: VJN

Programme: NVA

Course fees

Price category: B

Useful info

Register: Registration for the Preparatory Year of Dutch of 2022-2023 is no longer possible. Registration for the Preparatory Year of Dutch of 2023-2024 will be possible as off 1 December 2022.

Course book: UCT course book. You will receive this book from your language teacher in class.

Recommended books:

  • Fonteyn A.M., Pescher-Termeer A. (1998): Nederlandse Grammatica voor Anderstaligen - Utrecht: NCB
  • Giezenaar, G en Schouten, E,: Wijze woorden - Woordenlijst Academisch Nederlands met idioomoefeningen, Intertaal
  • Van Dale Basiswoordenboek, Utrecht: Van Dale
  • Van Dale Beeldwoordenboek, Utrecht: Van Dale
  • Van Dale Pocketwoordenboek Nederlands als tweede taal, Utrecht: Van Dale
  • Van Dale Zakenbrieven, Utrecht: Van Dale
  • Van de Toorn-Schutte J. (2004): Eenvoudige Basisgrammatica NT2 - Amsterdam: Boom



Number of tuition hours: 360

Period: October - September

Nr. of hours per week: 5 x 3

Course book available at: UCT

For who?: Future students Ghent University and higher education