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Writing a text is more than just jotting down your thoughts or using the right expressions. In reader-oriented writing, the reader is the focal point as it is of utmost importance to ensure that your message can trigger an action in your reader. Some main related topics are considering the level of expertise of your reader, writing in an engaging way and highlighting important information. The objective of this workshop is to let participants reflect on the principles or reader-oriented writing and let them acquire a range of strategies to implement these principles in their own writing practice.

This workshop focuses on fine-tuning professional texts and making them more effective. We analyze what our intention for the reader is and express this in a suitable text. To this end, we focus on text structure (stimuli for continued reading), content, style and appropriate language use.

We expect considerable interaction from the participants. They will be asked to bring their own texts to the workshop so they can be discussed and self- and peer-evaluated.

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Number of tuition hours : 3


Number of hours per week : 1 x 3

This workshop forms part of a trajectory of 3 x 3 hours aimed at improving written production in Dutch. The workshops can be attended separately or as a trajectory. The workshop “Reader-Oriented Writing” is regarded as the overarching basic module of the trajectory and should ideally (though not necessarily so) precede the others.

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