Presenting UGent products and services (ATP)

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This workshop focuses on refining presentations in a professional context such as Ghent University and making them more effective.


Effective presentations start with a proper preparation that takes into account questions such as: Why am I giving this presentation? Who is my target audience? Which effect am I aiming at? What is my main message? We discuss how we can catch and maintain the attention of the audience throughout the presentation. The insights will quickly be put to practice in a proper presentation. This way, participants get individual feedback about their strengths and working points.

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Programme: VTO

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You can only register (*) for this course via the UGent portal.

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  1. Log in to Athena
  2. Navigate to Office
  3. Select Apollo
  4. Click “Personeel”
  5. Click “Vorming”, then “Catalogus”
  6. Search (or navigate to) the course of your choice and click “Inschrijven”

This course is intended for UGent staff. However, you can book this course for your company’s staff as well. Please contact  for info and terms.


Number of tuition hours: 3


Nr. of hours per week: 1 x 3 (This workshop forms part of a trajectory of 3 x 3 hours aimed at improving oral production in English. Participants can join this workshop as a separate event or as part of the entire trajectory.)

Hand-outs available at: UCT

For who?: Ghent University staff (Administrative and technical staff)