Flemish sign language


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Content information

Starting level:

No prior knowledge is required. There are, however, some technical requirements.

Technical requirements: sign language is a manual-visual, not an oral-auditory language.
Sign language can be recorded on video. Nowadays, this can be done effortlessly with a smartphone, tablet, webcam, compact camera or digital mirror reflex camera with video function, an outdoor headmount camera, and of course, with an analog or digital camera.
For watching, downloading and uploading a text recorded on video, you need a laptop, tablet, smartphone, desktop, or smart TV with broadband internet access.

Live Comprehension:
You can understand signs you are familiar with and basic sentences concerning yourself, your family and your direct concrete environment, if people sign slowly and clearly.

Recorded Comprehension:
In recorded texts, you can understand names and signs you are familiar with, and very simple sentences in Flemish Sign Language.

Live Production:
You can use simple expressions and sentences in Flemish Sign Language to describe your surroundings and the people you know.

Recorded Production: You are able to make a brief recording in Flemish Sign Language to send a simple message to, for example, your family.

Live Interaction: You can participate in a simple conversation in Flemish Sign Language, if the conversation partner is willing to repeat information at a slower pace or to rephrase, and if he helps you at formulating what you are trying to express. You can ask and answer simple questions in Flemish Sign Language, which concern a direct need or topics you are very familiar with.

Administrative data

Course abbreviation: VGT

Programme: VTO

Course fees

Price category: B

Useful info

Special information: This course is scheduled for the fall of 2023. Dates will be available from mid-June 2023.


CEF: A1-

Number of tuition hours: 30

Period: 2nd sem.

Nr. of hours per week: 1 x 2,5

Course book available at: UCT. There's no formal course book, but the teacher will provide the students with hand-outs when needed.

For who?: All