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Content information

Starting level:
No prior knowledge of Russian is required.

This course is aimed at those interested in acquiring an elementary knowledge of Russian in a short period of time as well as at future students of Russian wishing to get an introduction to the language. Emphasis is placed on developing basic communicative skills in everyday speaking situations.


  • Listening skills: by listening to audio fragments and dialogues in class you will be able to recognize essential words and phrases.
  • Speaking skills: you are introduced to the basic rules of Russian pronunciation and learn to cope with everyday communicative situations. This will enable you among other things to introduce yourself (name, nationality, profession, family), talk about the weather, ask for directions, indicate time, make and cancel an appointment and place an order in a restaurant.
  • Reading skills:  having mastered the Russian alphabet, you will be able to recognize essential words and read simple sentences.
  • Writing skills: you will learn how to write in Russian cursive, write simple sentences about your daily life and complete forms with personal information.
  • Specific grammatical items: basic usage of the six cases, determining grammatical gender, basic verb conjugation, basic formation of the past tense, imperative, personal pronouns, possessive pronouns, adjectives, numerals up to 1000.

Placement test: No


Administrative data

Course abbreviation: PR1

Programme: VTO

Course fees

Price category: B

Useful info

Course materials: Mozelova Irina: Russkij suvenir, publisher: Russkij jazyk (course book + cd) (available at Standaard Boekhandel, Kouter 31, 9000 Gent)



Number of tuition hours: 30

Period: Summer

Nr. of hours per week: 15

Course book available at: Standaard Boekhandel, Kouter 31, 9000 Gent

For who?: All